Flesh and Bullets (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)


We have a miracle of modern filmmaking here though not in a way in which you would wholly expect. Ladies and gentleman I give you a Carlos Tobalina movie that is NOT a triple X rated movie. This is not a hardcore picture. The orgy stops here. I know that it is impossible to conceive, but Carlos tried to make a movie that was legit (or at least gauged to a wider audience). Of course he is billed as Efrain Tobalina… probably to maintain his street cred as a heavy hitter from San Fran with the biggest orgies in Read the Sexy

Metamorphosis and Beyond Darkness (Scream Factory Blu-ray) - Italian Double Feature


It’s about to get Italian trash cinema up in here. Many of you will think that I mean this in a bad way, as if calling these films trash would somehow mean you shouldn’t see them. Quite the opposite. Scream Factory takes another venture into the powerful world of Italian Horror films and comes out with two pieces of chum worth every penny and guaranteed to entertain (though not to scare).


What a great big sloppy mess of a movie… and I love it. The Beast Within is probably one of the best non-werewolf transformation movies out there, but I think Read the Sexy

Roller Boogie (Olive Blu-ray)


I must admit that when I heard that Olive Films was putting out Roller Boogie on Blu-ray I couldn’t stop myself from getting excited. Yeah sure, I like roller skating as much as the next guy, but that wasn’t why I was down with the boogie. Sure I met my first girlfriend at a roller rink, but nostalgia didn’t drive my interest. I hadn’t seen the movie until only recently. My interest in Roller Boogie was focused on the strange and shocking combination of one Mark Lester and Linda Blair. The man who gave us Class of 1984 and the Read the Sexy

Cemetery Without Crosses (Arrow Blu-ray) - A Tribute to Sergio Leone


While my love for Westerns has been on a rise, I must admit that Cemetery Without Crosses didn’t quite keep up with movies like The Big Gundown or Los Companeros. True, it is a darker film that doesn’t quite have the same gimmicks, musical strength or even cast to truly bowl through the movies that share its genre. Perhaps that is because it is more of a carbon copy of movies like it while not fully realizing what made those films great albeit with a darker tone and less optimism. Still, for fans of the genre and for fans of Read the Sexy

People Under the Stairs (Scream Factory Blu-ray) - Cross the Street to Pick This One Up.


As a kid I first became aware of The People Under the Stairs from the TV spots that seemed to infect my brain with wonder and terror. I wasn’t old enough to see it in theaters, so I had to wait until it reached home video to check it out. I was probably twelve by the time I got around to checking it out, but I remember distinctly identifying with the child protagonist that played hero through the movie despite a misleading presence of adult characters playing the “adults know best” routine. It’s made it an important movie for me Read the Sexy